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Sat May 04, 2013 3:03 pm by Marko_Lee

FBI Questions ((OOC))

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FBI Questions ((OOC))

Post  Marko_Lee on Sat May 04, 2013 3:03 pm

Before you wish to join the ranks of the F.B.I, whether you are an aspiring LSPD Officer, or a simple civilian, you should always ask yourself a few questions before applying.

Ask yourself:

Do I have any previous LEO experience?
Have I actually read the handbook?
Do I have any questions regarding this faction?
Do I understand the rules of this server, both ICly, and OOCly?
Am I really ready to join the FBI? Or do I need some experience and reputation with the LSPD first?
Do I actually listen?
Do I understand the consequences of joining this faction?
Do I realize that I can be fired, or demoted without warning or notice?

Questions like these will prepare yourself for any situation we throw at you.

Have you answered all of these questions correctly? If so, GREAT, time to move on.

Follow these steps, and it will give you a giant leap forward into joining the Bureau.

1. Read this stuff: FBI Handbook: Created by Marko. ACTUALLY READ IT. I have added a secret phrase in this handbook, that you will need to answer in your application. If this is not answered, I will know that you have not read the handbook, and will probably be denied.
2. Post a new thread in this forum with this form filled out. The title of the thread should just be "(Ingame Name FBI Application).
3. Grab a ridealong ingame. The Agent assigned to give you a ridealong will be specified to you either by Amir, Ravi, Will, or I. Once this Agent has given you a ridealong, have him/her post on your application.

Quick pointers:
- If you're new to the server, it's usually a good idea to play a while and get to know the basics of how everything works before applying.

- The application is pretty short, it's mainly for a) you to prove you can speak English and b) allowing us keep track of who's applied and what stage of recruitment they're at. We're not looking for giant paragraphs of text for each answer here. Don't skim it though. Make sure you put in some effort for your bio.

- The ridealong is for us to get to know you - you'll be asked a few questions about the FBI handbook (just the basics) and generally just chat with the Agent you're with. This is your chance to show you're not a dick, so the more you put into it the better the outcome for you!

- Don't bug Agents for updates about your application, the only reason you should be calling Agents is to grab a ridealong. If you've had a ridealong and the Agent who did it hasn't posted in your thread you are welcome to (politely!) remind them to do so. If an Agent is busy or doesn't immediately reply to your request for a ridealong, go do something else and try again later.
FBI Management
FBI Management

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