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[OFFICIAL] FBI Divisions

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[OFFICIAL] FBI Divisions

Post  Marko_Lee on Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:15 am


Criminal Investigative Division
Everyone will start in the CID when they have entered the Bureau. They will be needed to complete casefiles on various criminals around San Andreas using whatever technology is available to them.

Internal Affairs
The Internal Affairs division investigates the LSPD, FBI and LSFMD and the Senate to ensure there is no civil corruption or illegal activity going on within those factions. In the event that FBI spots detects corruption in any of the following factions, agents must contact high command(Director or Assistant) and discuss the matter with him. The high command will contact the faction and ask them to deal with the matter while providing the evidence necessary if the faction requires it. If the matter is not dealt with by the faction superior, FBI will contact the governor and discuss the issue with them in person and the governor will have to make the decision based on the evidence provided. If the governor refuses to deal with the situation, only then FBI will have authority to handle the matter at hand and it is only then that the Internal Affairs will punish the faction member accordingly based on what they see fit.

Fire Arms and Narcotics
FAN is comprised of most of the FBI's undercover Agents. Their jobs are to investigate criminals that operate within the area of operations. These Agents may work together with Strategic Response Unit Agents from time to time to complete operations, but they are completely undercover. These agents are required to know how to make case-files and are expected to keep their cover.

Strategic Response Unit

Agents who choose to be apart of SRU will be trained by the divisional leaders on negotiating, vehicle, counterintelligence, counter terrorism, and weapons handling. They will find themselves dealing with situations ranging from kidnappings and bank robberies to terrorist threats and attacks.

General Duties
GD, is the most freely division, whoever in this division is able to patrol, to go on duty or undercover, they can make case-files but they do not have to, you will have to help the FBI High Commands with the arrests, paper work and such in order to be promoted in this division, this division is restricted for the most professional, mature and hard work FBI Agents.
FBI Management
FBI Management

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Post  Kala on Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:57 pm

Officiated by the Director.
Level 5 Admin
Level 5 Admin

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